Hallmark Stamp Issues

The Hallmark Group - World Specialists in Historic Commemorative Stamp Issues in Precious Metals. For over 25 years the Hallmark group has collaborated with government to celebrate important national events. Historic postage stamps are re-created as a series of exquisitely engraved ingots, flawlessly minted in solid silver and plated in pure gold.

World Specialists in Commemorative Precious Metal Stamp Replicas

For over 30 years The Hallmark Group and its subsidiary companies have collaborated with government organisations throughout the world to celebrate and commemorate important national events and anniversaries.

Hallmark specialises in re-creating historic images as perfectly engraved
ingots in precious metal.

The ingots, which are marketed as limited edition collections, are 
produced with the patronage of the institution responsible for promoting
the occasion. Such bodies have typically included national Post Offices,
Museums and State Banks.

The high regard in which Hallmark collections are held can also be seen
by the stature of the national figures associated with the programmes.

Recent examples are President G.H. Bush, King Juan Carlos of Spain,
IOC President Antonio Samaranch and the President of India Dr.A.P.J Kalam. 

Although Hallmark works closely with such official bodies it takes full
responsibility for every project; from finance, product design, manufacture
and marketing through to order processing and fulfilment.

With operating divisions throughout Europe, America, Asia and the Pacific,
The Hallmark Group has unrivalled world experience in commemorating
events of national importance.